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A series of grower advice sheets providing guidance on a range of issues associated with potato production.


Analysis of agrochemical products on potato tubers
A description of sampling procedures to be used to assess residue levels on potato tubers. BPC. May 2004

Chemical application on roller tables
A description of how to achieve uniform application of chemicals onto potato tubers using roller tables. BPC. May 2004

Effective application of granular nematicides for the control of potato cyst nematodes
The potato cyst nematodes Globodera pallida and G. rostochiensis are present in two-thirds of all potato land in England and Wales where they cause an estimated yield loss valued at 50M each year. BPC Factsheet March 2004

Ethylene for use in potato stores: a summary of information in the public domain
Ethylene has approval as a commodity substance from the UK Pesticides Safety Directorate for use in potato stores as a plant growth regulator. The approval specifies a target ethylene concentration of 10 ppm in the store atmosphere and a minimum period between treatment and sale of 3 days. October 2004

Fungicide Resistance Action Group UK (FRAG-UK): Potato late blight: Guidelines for managing fungicides resistance
This guide sets out actions to minimise the risk of resistance development to existing and new active substances for control of late blight. FRAG-UK and BPC. March 2004. Updated April 2005 (amended for new Amistar information)

Guidelines for potato tuber application equipment
These guidelines for potato tuber application equipment aims to optimise the efficacy of the application equipment currently available; optimise the efficacy of the application equipment currently available; identify strengths and weaknesses of the various application systems and identify strengths and weaknesses of the various application systems. BPC. May 2004

Labelling of UK and imported seed potatoes. Operator safety and crop usage
This guide outlines what is required under the current Seed Potato Regulations 1991. There is a requirement for all treated seed tubers to be labelled with the appropriate agrochemical bag/box labels as well as the Certification label. This applies to both UK produced and imported seed crops. BPC. May 2004

Making the most of organic manures for optimum results and cost savings
In exploiting the well-known yield response of potatoes to nutrients, farm manures can make a significant contribution, allowing a corresponding reduction in fertiliser rates and costs. Four key stages are outlined for making best use of manure nutrients. BPC Factsheet 2002

New water legislation and how it will affect all potato irrigators
This guide outlines new legislation and regulations (both European and National) relating to water that are being introduced over the next few years and their impact on potato production. The main aim of the legislation is improved environmental protection through more controlled water quantity and water quality. BPC. December 2003

Potato tuber diseases and their control
This guide describes potato tuber diseases and measures for their control for Silver Scurf (Helminthosporium solani), Skin Spot (Polyscytalum pustulans), Gangrene (Phoma exigua var. foveata), Dry Rot (Fusarium caeruleum and other Fusarium spp.), Black Scurf and Stem Canker (Rhizoctonia solani), Black Dot (Colletotrichum coccodes), Powdery Scab (Spongospora subterranea) and Blackleg and Soft Rot (Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica). BPC. May 2004

Pre or at planting fungicide treatment for Rhizoctonia control
This BPC Advice Sheet Some describes how liquid fungicide treatments for Rhizoctonia control have caused crop damage on a number of varieties in some (adverse) conditions which has led to claims for loss. As a consequence some product formulations have been withdrawn or had stricter conditions applied. This Advice Sheet outlines some of the issues of using dust formulations as an alternative control. BPC. 2002

Spray pattern check for tuber treatments
This guide describes checks that can made to ensure a good even spray coverage to all tubers for optimum product effectiveness. BPC. May 2004

The improved targeting of sprays onto potatoes on roller tables
This guide describes how to obtain uniform chemical application to potato tubers on roller tables. BPC. May 2004

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