Accessing the Advisory Library

The EMA Advisory library is available on-line through this site and can be accessed by subscribers to the EMA Online service. Use your login to access the library.

If you are not an EMA subscriber, you can use ADLib to browse the indexes of the EMA library. The ADLib demonstration service lets you see the titles and summaries of all documents, sections and pages in all ADLib services.

Library Features

The EMA library comprises over 2500 documents all indexed and crosslinked. There are a choice of indexes that allow documents to be found by categories such as: author organisations, regulations and legislation. There are also indexes of summary documents, support information and a full alphabetical listing of the library.

The library has a search facility that provides word searches in the document titles, sections and key words.


EMA Services

If you would like to subscribe to any of the EMA services then please click below. EMA services are one of many services provided by ADLib (the Agricultural Document Library of the University of Hertfordshire). You can also sign-up for other ADLib services from the site.

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