Farm Efficiency Hub user guide

The Farm Efficiency Hub has two approaches to finding information that may be of interest to you. Firstly there is a Library Index which can be browsed and secondly there are Search tools.

Library Index

The Library Index lists all the documents that are available in the Hub within sections and sub-sections. There are currently 4 top sections:

  • 15 on-farm actions to reduce emissions
  • Activities / topic
  • Enterprises / farming type
  • Policy documents

The first three top sections have sub-sections, e.g. the "Activities / topic" section has 9 sub-sections, e,g, "Crop nutrition" is a sub-section, and then relevant documents are listed within this sub-section. This allows you to simply navigate around the library index into different sections to view different document. So if you are interested in viewing all the documents related to crop nutirion you would click on "Activities / topic", then click on "Crop nutrition", and this will list all the documents available to be viewed.


The search tools consist of basic and advanced search facilities.

The basic search tool allows you to search by the title (Name) of the document, words in the summary of the document, or a keyword within the document. Simply enter your search term in the box provided, select from the drop down list where you want to search and then click on the Search button. This will then return a list of documents that match your search criteria.

The advanced search tool is similar to the basic tool, except you can further refine your search criteria further including official title, publication date, publisher name, reference number and library section.

When you search by keyword in either both the basic or advanced search, the search results will list individual pages on which your search term exists. You can then click on the link and you will see that page within the document. You will also get a secondary search results page (presented alongside the Hub results) which shows the search results from OpenFields. Currently the keyword search only operates on HTML versions of documents in the Hub, and the OpenFields search will also include PDF versions - hence its inclusion here.

Viewing documents

Documents within the Hub are available in one or more of three formats:

  • Complete HTML Version: This the document in an HTML format, which means that you can view the document one page at a time and there will be hyperlinks to other documents or related material wherever they are referenced. This allows you to browse and document and then jump to other documents where necessary.
  • PDF Version: This will open a single PDF file of a document. There are no cross-reference hyperlinks to other documents in the Hub. The PDF Version can be useful if you wish to print out a whole document in one go.
  • OpenFields document: These documents are sourced from OpenFields and can come in a variety for formats, but are usually PDF or Word documents (may also include video or images)

To view any document in your desired format, simply click on the relevant hyperlink on the screen. When you enter an HTML document you will also get navigation links down the left side of the page. These will correspond to the contents/sections within the document. Clicking on one of these links will take straight to that section or page.