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Crop Nutrition and Soil Management

Access to essential information about soil nutrition and management. Resources include material on Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, nutrient planning, inorganic fertilisers and research from the Potash Development Association.

Price: 25 + VAT
Cross-Compliance Library

The new ADLib cross-compliance library provides a wealth of information and literature about relevant cross-compliance issues and guidelines.

Price: 25 + VAT
Environmental Management for Agriculture (EMA)

Access the EMA Library online, you can search the whole library and bookmark documents of interest.  When you subscribe to this library you can claim 2 BASIS CPD points.

Price: 50 + VAT
Pest and Disease Management

The ADLib Pest and Disease Management library provides specalist information on codes of practice, diseases and pests as well as additional resources like software tools.

Price: 25 + VAT

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Demonstration Library

If you are not already subscribed to an ADLib library you can view the indexes and document summaries of the libraries.

To see sample documents you can view the ADLib document demonstration here