Environmental Management for Agriculture

Environmental Management for Agriculture (EMA) was an award winning computer software system designed to help farms improve the impact they have on the environment. This software was available from 1998-2009 and has now evolved into the EMA Online Library .

Advisory Library Online

The EMA Online Library that was developed as part of the EMA software is now available online via this site. EMA online uses the internet hosting, security and distribution controls of the Agricultural Document Library (ADLib) to manage and distribute the library to users. Containing over 40,000 pages of information, this comprehensive resource is now available to subscribers. This service ensures that users have the most up-to-date version of all their library documents.

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Latest News

If you subscribe to the EMA Online Library you can claim 2 BASIS CPD points. 1 point for crop protection (CP) and 1 point for personal development (PD).